Found Verse

spurred on by flowers

These words washed up onto the shore of the Old Mermaid Sanctuary today.


I can’t be sure, but I think
this is the poem that Kim got

on her birthday after the old sea
dried up. The old mermaids

were spending the day laughing
and telling jokes and they thought

it would be nice to invite Kim
to their party. They sent her

a salty request and received an
answer by seamail in about half

a wave’s curl and soon after that
Kim was there with the old mermaids

sipping from a cup at the tea shell.
It’s so nice to see you, said the

old mermaids. It’s nice to see you
too, said Kim. Then she told them

the best joke ever and they slapped
their tails with laughter, tears

running down their faces. Thanks
for making our Hilaria Day so fine

said the old mermaids. Thanks for
being who we all are, said Kim.

(Verse found by Mario Milosevic. "Spurred on By Flowers" is a drawing by Kim Antieau. Larger version of this drawing here.)


Anonymous said...

I love this. What a lucky woman you are!!

Happy Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Furry, purry, birthday wishes from your Polar buddy up north. May your day continue to be filled with serendipitous blessings and Spirit's presence. Rib crushing hugs.