The Magnificent Old Mermaids Book Drop

Charles de Lint took a few copies of Church of the Old Mermaid to Tucson recently to participate in the Magnificent Old Mermaids Book Drop. He was kind enough to send along some photos. The first one is on 4th Avenue, where Myla set up Church of the Old Mermaids every Saturday "shine or shine." Just gives me chills! By the way, Charles' latest book, The Mystery of Grace, is now out. I've got mine on order and I can't wait.

3 Tucson, March 14, 2009
Tucson, Fourth Avenue

4 Tucson, March 14, 2009
Ah! Someone found the book!

2 Chicago, March 13, 2009
Chicago. What lucky person found it?

1 Ottawa airport, March 13, 2009
Ottawa. Anyone?

Thanks, Charles & MaryAnn!


Sorrow said...

I have your book, and I admit i want to read it before i let it travel, so tonight! It's me and the church of the old mermaids!

Lynn said...

I LOVE this way of spreading the Old Mermaids' wisdom! Back in February, I left one of my artist friends post cards on the B.C. ferry, and I felt like I was doing something magical.

deb christensen said...

hello from a frozen alaskan island, where there are icy mermaids around every corner, in every bay. i just wanted to let you know i love your blog, it is heart lifting. i have your book on order and can't wait fo it to get here. thank you! deb ~ dyingtobeyours.blogspot.com

Lola Enchanted said...

How fabulous!! I love this!

Barbara Anne said...


I'm at the beginning of chapter 5 and love the stories and the wisdom.

Myla's habit of thanking the items, ingredients, places, and people reminds me of Celtic Christianity and of acknowledging the gifts and contributions of all.

Thank you!!