Upon Reflection


Clouds spread across the sky like a huge old cottony comforter. You know the kind: It's old and the batting is scrunched up here and squeezed up there. And you're just about to throw it out or cut it up for scraps and then you remember when you made it or the time Sister Lyra Musica Mermaid threw it over Sister Laughs A Lot Mermaid when she couldn't even muster a smile. Or you put it up to your nose and you sense more than actually smell the sweet scent of Oliver the Old Cat who used to wander the Old Mermaid Sanctuary with Sister Ursula Divine Mermaid.

That's what is was like at the Old Mermaid Sanctuary last night as the Old Mermaids looked up at the gray clouds just as the sun dropped into the Old Sea and splashed scarlet and pink and rose up onto those clouds. At least that's what the Old Mermaids thought at first as they oohed and aahed over the spectacle before them. And then Mother Star Stupendous Mermaid looked down at the pool and saw the sunset reflected there and she said, "Aahh, look, Sister Mermaids. We're seeing these clouds through the rose-colored reflection of the sun."

The Old Mermaid clapped and laughed out loud. Old Neighbor Betty was watching the sunset with the Old Mermaids. She said, "I think the expression is 'looking at the world through rose-colored glasses.' And it's not a good thing."

"Why isn't it a good thing?" Sissy Maggie Mermaid asked. "The clouds were lovely all puffy and gray up there in the sky. And now they are even more spectacular through our rose-colored glasses."

Old Neighbor Betty made a noise. Sometimes she thought the Old Mermaid just did not get it. "It means that you're not seeing things as they truly are when you look at them through rose-colored glasses," she explained.

Grand Mother Yemaya Mermaid said, "That is an interesting observation, Old Neighbor. I imagine that both ways of looking at the clouds are truthful and real. They're just different."

"But the clouds are not really scarlet-colored," the Old Neighbor insisted.

"Really?" Grand Mother Yemaya Mermaid said. She looked up at the clouds again. "I'm sorry you can't see the scarlet. It is really quite magnificent."


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