Gifts of the Old Mermaids: Part Two

On Sunday, we gathered again for the conclusion of the Gifts of the Old Mermaids playshop. We sat around our sprawling altar. We passed around a plate and left offerings for the faeries and ancestors. Then we said nice things about the directions and elements. Talked about our dreams. The women showed me the cigar boxes they were transforming into treasure chests.

And then they journeyed to Aphrodite and got gifts and brought them back for their sister mermaids while I drummed. We kept this knowledge to ourselves and we went to the kitchen and each made a cowrie shell necklace. When we were finished, we blessed the necklaces with the elements and then put all the necklaces into a giant shell.

After lunch, we dressed up and prepared for the Gifted Ceremony. We drummed and then the first sister mermaid sat in the heart tree made from hazel sapling. "Sister Mermaid!" I called. "Are you ready to accept your gifts?" "Yes!" And then one at a time we went up to the sister mermaid and gifted her. The last person lifted one of the cowrie necklaces from the shell and put it over the the now Gifted sister mermaid's head and around her neck.

And then we danced and cheered.

The ceremony was moving and beautiful. I felt very gifted by these women and the Old Mermaids.

When it was over, we realized that we had each been gifted with the necklaces we had made ourselves. I got the necklace I had made. Barbara got the necklace she had made, etc. Every one of us!

As Sister Faye Mermaid said, "The rest is mystery."

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