Another Magnificent Old Mermaids Book Drop

VG sent me this wonderful description of her Magnificent Old Mermaids Book Drop:

"Just wanted to let you know the book has began its journey. We were in Illwaco, WA the last weekend in February. We had lunch at a new restaurant called Raven and Finch with outdoor seating.

" I left the book on a chair at the table we had eaten at and sort of cleaned up the table as we departed so as not to invite a bus person. So we took another table off to the side so I could watch. There were a lot of couples and groups and the person who found the book was a young woman about 30 with a sweetheart. All I heard her say was 'Something told me this was going to be a day full of nice surprises!' This was something she said to her companion as she read the writing on the inside of the book. We then departed and I felt that I had put the Old Mermaid's on one of their journeys."

How wonderful, VG. I could picture it all. Thanks again!

I hope this gives the rest of you encouragement to write about your adventures with the book drop. I want to hear from you!

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