Old Mermaids Tour

So the Old Mermaids Tour is on! Where do we begin? First, I have decided for now that I will be limiting my traveling for the tour to my general area. So I will go pretty much anywhere in Washington and Oregon and I might dash into California and BC. Later, I might go to AZ and back east. But really, the Old Mermaids Tour isn't about me. It's about the Church of the Old Mermaids and spreading the stories of the Old Mermaid, and it's about having great fun.

COTOM is definitely about creating community and walking, talking, swimming, and dancing in beauty! I am hoping that people around the country will participate in the Old Mermaids Tour. It's not about me personally "touring" but about the stories of the Old Gals. (I guess I just said that, didn't I?) I want to see what creative take you have on the Old Mermaids. I envision book clubs and Old Mermaid parties happening everywhere!

If you want to participate in the Old Mermaids Tour, let me know what you want to do. If you're in the area I can come and do a reading and talk about the Old Mermaids and/or we can have Gifted Ceremony. Or we can dress up as Old Mermaids and celebrate. I'm open! Otherwise I can help you figure out what you want to do from afar. I can help with discussion questions, celebration ideas, get you an outline for the Gifted Ceremony or more. I can be available to help you make it a wonderful event from here. We can keep in touch by email or phone and/or maybe we can skype.

If you want copies of Church of the Old Mermaids you can get those from Amazon.com. If you get two or more, there's free shipping. You can also get them from me. If you order 5 or more copies from me, we can discount them 20%. Just write to me about that option.

The official kick-off date will be in March. I'll get up discussion questions on the website soon. I am also working on a workbook/playbook for the Old Mermaid Sanctuary with suggestions of things to do, but that's definitely a few months off!

So email me if you want to participate. We will dance, read, eat, dress, and transform in Beauty!

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Anonymous said...

I am intrigued by your concept of a workbook/playbook. I love your blog and know that I was born an old mermaid...might you plan to come to Florida? A warm, wet, wonderful place for all mermaids...