Gifts of the Old Mermaids: Part One

This is what we did today at the Gifts of the Old Mermaids playshop:

We talked about the relationship between mermaids and the ancient sea goddesses. About the true story of Aphrodite, how she is about true passionate love and life—love and understanding of ourselves. She looks into the mirror to remember the way to all truth: Know Thyself.

We journeyed to the Old Sea for a Spirit helper or power animal to take us to Aphrodite. Once with Aphrodite, we each asked her what quality about ourselves we had forgotten. Afterward, we made collages to remind us of our true selves—to remind us of those qualities we had forgotten.

As they made the collages, I read them the scene from Church of the Old Mermaids where the Old Mermaids "Gift" Tulip and Poppy. Next time, we will perform the Gifted ceremony ourselves.

I also told them about the cigar box Myla used to hold the donations from people who listened to her stories at the Church of the Old Mermaids. I showed them my own cigar box with the mermaid painted on it. Inside, I keep treasures. After I told them all this, I brought out empty cigar boxes I had gotten from a tobacco shop in Portland. Their homework was to take a box home and make them into treasure chests.

Next time, we will make cowrie shell necklaces for each other, we will dress up in our Old Mermaid finery, and we will Gift and be Gifted.

This is only an outline of what happened today, in case you would like to do your own Gifts of the Old Mermaids. It was a profound, beautiful, and fun day which I could never quite describe. In two weeks, we meet again for the ceremony.

Blessed sea!


Beth Owl's Daughter said...

Oh, does this sound scrumptious! Yet another reason why living on the East Coast so often feels like the Wrong Coast ..

- Beth

kerrdelune said...

It sounds wonderful, and I think I am going to have to move to your part of the world. Do you have a guest bedroom, Sister Kim???