Gifts of the Old Mermaids

On Saturday, we will dive into the Old Sea and New Desert as we explore the Gifts of the Old Mermaids. This two-part playshop will culminate in a "gifting" ceremony right here at this Old Mermaid Sanctuary. I'll let you know what we do in case you want to be a part of it on your own in your own Old Mermaid Sanctuary.

First I'll paste in part of the letter I sent out to the participants:

Hello Sister Mermaids!

Please dress comfortably. If you have drums and rattles please bring them. Bring magazines, catalogs, etc. with pictures you like that you can use for a collage. Think about home, land, hearth, what brings you joy and makes you feel like yourself.

For the next few days until Saturday, be open to dreaming about the Old Mermaids. Be open to the experience of coming home to yourself and the world. Look around this website, read some of the stories, look at the photos, just experience it.

We'll be making small altars, too. So bring a small piece of cloth (not bigger than 12 x 12), something beautiful or something that speaks to you for our work here at the Old Mermaid Sanctuary. Also, look for something in your house or environment that reminds you of the four elements: air, earth, fire, and water. Don't buy anything. Just pick these things up in or around your home and bring them with your cloth. For instance, a stone might be earth. Or you might find a feather for air. A shell for water. A candle or key for fire. Use your intuition and we'll talk more about it on Saturday.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Blessed sea!

Sister Kim Mermaid

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