Letter to the Old Mermaids

Old Mermaid Sanctuaries are everywhere! They're found in the most amazing and unusual places. We received a letter from just such a place:

"I've told my 4-year-old daughter about the Old Mermaids. This year I decided to plant our first vegetable garden, so we spent the majority of every day in spring and early summer ripping up the grass in our backyard. During this excavation, we came across a stone with a shell imprint on it as well as an actual shell. It was a small, curved, conical shell like those you'd hear the ocean in but in miniature. My daughter and I begin talking about how that shell got into our yard (probably a snail shell), and she was incredibly intrigued by the thought that maybe the ocean had once covered Ohio.

"The shells interior was filled with dirt, but my daughter put it to her ear and insisted that she could hear the ocean in it. After she'd played with it for awhile, she said that she could hear a voice in the shell. I asked her what it was saying. She leaned in close to me and whispered, 'she sells seashells by the seashore.' Lots of laughter ensued."

All of us at the Old Mermaid Sanctuary enjoyed hearing from Brandi and her daughter very much! You made our day! Thank you, thank you!

Photograph by Brandi, too!

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airyella said...

Love your site, just swam in~~ ENJOYED THE energy and light~Namaste~

The Merfolk's Three Wisdoms

[Exerpted from The Mermaid's Three Wisdoms by Jane Yolen]

1. Have patience, like the sea.

2. Move with the rythm of life
around you.

3. Know that all things touch all
others, as all life touches the

I can hear the ocean slap the shore, and sooth my inner restless being, I am here...for you and all who need my magic sounds. I know the mysteries, I know the truth. I am the cycle of the waters, I am part of the water within you... my small friend. Cycle to cycle, we share life. But life to the waters is so much easier, than to the human beings. Oh yes, Thank you my friend (water) for you give peace within, when I listen. The pounding drum of time, constant. Human beings come and go, but the waters have touched them all, until it drains from them, back into the cycle to come together as a basic element of Life, of Creation. Just wanted to share what came from with in, as I awoke. :0) ~ASRAI~