Ginger & Beans & the Old Sea

apres lunch sepia

Gather to you:
2 cups luscious black beans
1 strip kombu from the Old Sea
1 to 1 1/2 tsp finely grated fresh ginger
tamari and/or salt
5-6 cups of water

Soak beans for 48 hours. Leave them out, covered. Drain and rinse. Have you ever seen anything as beautiful as these purple/blue/black beans? Put the beans on the stove to boil with about 5 cups of water and the kombu. Pray to the Old Sea as you stir, stir, stir! Turn down to a simmer after boil. Skim off any foam when it first boils. You'll probably have to add water as it cooks. You want it to have a kind of velvety sauce. This isn't storytelling soup, darlin's! It takes about two hours to get tender beans. When they're about 30 minutes before done, add the ginger and tamari to taste. Any salt stuff in the early part of cooking beans makes them tough. Tamari makes the flavor richer. If you'd like to avoid soy, use salt. It'll still be soooo delicious. Remove seaweed if it's left in tact, thank it, and toss it away. Serve with a grain and veggies.

—Sister Ruby Rosarita Mermaid who was inspired by Kristina Turner

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