Old Mermaid School of Telling Tales & Finding Art: First Night


The universe is made of stories, not atoms. —Muriel Rukeyser

We welcomed each other around the storytelling candle. A spider joined us, and she was welcome, too. We ate and then lit the candle, remembered Fire, and told stories of it. We wove our stories into the fabric of the night, creating community as we went, weaving the world into existence, perhaps, or into clarity, like a huge quilt made of thread and pieces of our lives.

Evine talked about being on her family’s homestead in Minnesota when she was very young. The house was only partially finished, her father was away, and her mother was left to tend to three children when a pack of timber wolves surrounded them. Her mother built a huge fire, sent two of her children up onto the roof of the house, and put Evine into the old potbellied stove in the yard. Evine watched the fire and the thin hungry wolves from her sanctuary in the belly of the stove. She remembered the red eyes of the wolves and the fear in her mother’s body as she kept building up the fire. When her father drove up in the truck, the wolves scattered. Ahhh. Relief that they were all saved. Wonder at what happened to the wolves. We listened for the crackle of the fire and looked at each other to find the red in our own eyes. Eight of us, each hitching a ride on Grandmother Spider's legs.

The Old Mermaids would have loved it.

Blessed sea!


Anonymous said...

I was there. It was just as magical as Kim describes it, and what she has here was only a tenth of the evening!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had been there too, and the telling of this tale is as rich and vibrant as if I HAD been there. Love and BB, Cate